2023 Summer Solo Show at Wimbledon Fine Art

London street scene Burlington House Mayfair

Image: Burlington House, Looking Toward Savile Row, Oil on Panel

Paintings inspired by home, paintings inspired by travel.
The cityscapes, city scenes, beach scenes and travel paintings in Michael Alford’s latest solo exhibition provide a glimpse into the varied life and limitless curiosity of a painter at large in the world.

Michael Alford’s new exhibition at Wimbledon Fine Art could act as a curated catalogue of the places and subjects that most inspire him The selection of work encompasses scenes drawn from his recent travels to distant lands—Mexico, Colombia, Greece, Italy, the French Alps—and paintings that focus on subjects closer to home, namely the cityscapes and urban life of place he calls home, London.

The near and far away are always two sides of the same coin in Alford’s work, two aspects of his varied life and restless artistic imagination. His paintings of far-away places grow out of a lifelong passion for exploration and an addiction to the experience of seeing the world afresh, discovering new images for the very first time.

His London paintings, in contrast, speak of his profound connection with the city he calls home. From grand thoroughfares to tucked-away squares, from bustling streets to quiet cafés and hidden bars, Alford excels in capturing the various moods of a metropolis he knows intimately and returns to frequently as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

This is Wimbledon Fine Art’s fifth major exhibition of Michael Alford paintings.

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