Spring 2021

Michael Alford
I am a British figurative painter with an interest in a variety of different subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, nudes and murals. I live in London and exhibit my work in a range of UK galleries, as well as in galleries in the US, Europe and online. I am available for special commissions.

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Michael Alford

Modern British Impressionists

Catalogue show and online
23 March-9 April 2021

Panter & Hall

11-12 Pall Mall
London SW1Y 5LU
+44 (0)20 7399 9999

A selection of paintings from some of Britain’s most esteemed contemporary impressionist painters.

Michael Alford, John Martin, Richard Pikesley, Rob Pittam
Serena Rowe, Susan Ryder, David Sawyer
and Robert E. Wells

Click and collect from the gallery by appointment


A night view of Leicester Square. A Michael Alford painting on show in Panter and Hall’s Moder British Expressionists show. (Oil on Panel)

The Muses in the Time of Covid-19

Painting Through the Pandemic

How does an artist of London cityscapes deal with the Covid-age reality of an empty city?

In a recent interview, painter Michael Alford talks about his art, the challenges he’s faced during lockdown, and how creativity is his secret weapon when it comes to surviving any crisis.

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More About the Muses

This image was adapted by Michael Alford from Portraits in the Characters of the Muses in the Temple of Apollo by Richard Samuel, 1778. Samuel’s painting shows leading female artists of the time posing as muses in their respective fields. The sitters were: Elizabeth Carter, Anna Laetitia Barbauld, Hannah More, Catharine Macaula, Elizabeth Montagu, Angelica Kauffman, Elizabeth Griffith, Elizabeth Ann Linley and Charlotte Lennox. The original image is sourced from @Wikimedia Commons


watercolour of corfu by michael alford

Painting Through the Pandemic

“You have to keep your spirits up.” Michael Alford reveals how he stays creative in the time of Covid.

Saint James Square, Spring

Michael Alford on Painting the Nude

“The authenticity of the painting comes out of an understanding between me and the model about what we’re trying to achieve.”

Transport, Helmand 2010 by Michael Alford

In the Footsteps of Paul Nash

How Michael Alford and other British war artists continue the tradition started by the influential artist.

Creating A Woodland Mural

Michael Alford brings the outdoors indoors with a unique mural for his nature-loving clients.

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