Figurative artist

Winter 2020

Painting a Pilgrimage

Pilgrims rest in the shade of umbrella pines during the Romería del Rocío. The Halt by Michael Alford.

The Romeria del Rocio Series

In May of 2018, Michael Alford traveled to Andalusia to draw inspiration from Spain’s largest religious festival, the Romería del Rocío.This famous pilgrimage sees thousands of Spaniards accompanying statues of the Virgin on an annual journey to the shrine of El Rocío traveling exclusively on foot, on horseback or in colorful mule- and ox-drawn wagons.

In this blog, Michael Alford writes about what it was like to travel with the pilgrims and how that experience led to a new suite of paintings, The Romería Series.

Michael Alford: ‘I wanted these paintings to communicate what it felt like to be part of this immersive experience…to capture some of the authenticity and liveliness of the scenes: the horses, the oxen and mules, the riders on horseback, the deeply non-mechanized nature of the pilgrimage, the rugged landscapes…’   Read more of Michael’s Blog

The Romería Series premiered in Michael Alford’s solo exhibition at Wimbledon Fine Art, in London, 2-16 June, 2019.




Saint James Square, Spring

Michael Alford on Painting the Nude

“The authenticity of the painting comes out of an understanding between me and the model about what we’re trying to achieve.”

watercolour of corfu by michael alford

Plein Air Watercolour Painting in Corfu

Get your kit together: Michael Alford offers his tips for successful plein air watercolour painting in Mediterranean places.

Transport, Helmand 2010 by Michael Alford

In the Footsteps of Paul Nash

How Michael Alford and other British war artists continue the tradition started by this influential artist of not one but two World Wars.

Creating A Woodland Mural

Michael Alford on creating a woodland dining room for his art-loving clients.