Autumn 2023

Michael Alford is a contemporary British figurative painter with an interest in a variety of subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, nudes and murals. He lives in London and exhibits work in the UK, the US, Europe and online.

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Current Exhibition

11-27 October, 2023

London Cityscapes: Moments of Transition

Panter and Hall
1-12 Pall Mall, St. James’s
London SW1Y 5LU


Early Summer Evening, St Martin's -in-the-Fields cityscape with architecture and figures by Michael alford

Image: Early Summer Evening, St Martin’s in the Fields, 24 x 24, Oil on Panel

Early spring, early evening, the hours between work and home: Michael Alford sets out to capture London’s transitional moments with a new selection of cityscapes, on show at Panter and Hall, Pall Mall 11-27 October 2023

“I painted the majority of the cityscapes in this show during the late winter/early spring of 2023. I favour this transitional time of year for scenes of London because the quality of light is interesting to me. The low sun produces unexpected shadows and points where objects catch the light. The changeable weather — sudden showers, fine drizzle, mist — adds a degree of mystery to familiar places and prospects. It helps me see them afresh.” — Michael Alford



City Life

Beach Scenes

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New Work

Michael Alford Art Prints

A series of limited edition prints of original paintings by Michael Alford. Giclée prints on museum-quality, archival paper, in strictly limited editions of 50, signed and numbered by the artist.

Aldwych, Bush House, Winter Print by Michael Alford
White couch 2 thumbnail
Michael Alford Print Battersea Power Station, Night


Eastbound Piccadilly painting image

Eastbound, Piccadilly: Notes on the Painting

Michael Alford talks techique, his obsession with London and the artistic choices behind an award-winning cityscape.

Detail Image of Eastbound Piccadilly

Commissioning a Painting

Have your heart set on a certain picture but can’t find it in any gallery? Consider commissioning your next painting.

Detail Image of Eastbound Piccadilly

In the Footsteps of Paul Nash: British War Artists Today

Michael Alford and other British war artists carry on the tradition of making art in battlezones.

shaharazad cover image for blog

Collaborations: On Painting the Nude

“The authenticity of the painting comes out of an understanding between me and the model.” — Michael Alford