Figurative artist

Summer 2018

painter michael alford in his studio

Michael Alford

Michael Alford is a British figurative artist. His wide-ranging body of work includes cityscapes, landscapes, figures, portraits, nudes and murals. He lives in London but travels and exhibits worldwide. MORE


Saint James Square, Spring

SkyArts Landscape Artist of the Year 2017

Michael Alford competes with other artists for the title of SkyArts Landscape Artist of the Year 2017.

watercolour of corfu by michael alford

Plein Air Watercolour Painting in Corfu

Get your kit together: Michael Alford offers his tips for successful plein air watercolour painting in Mediterranean places.

Transport, Helmand 2010 by Michael Alford

In the Footsteps of Paul Nash

How Michael Alford and other British war artists continue the tradition started by this influential artist of not one but two World Wars.

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